Today, the 20th of april 2022, the 2Bit Cardano staking pool was officially deregistered. All stakeholders have been notified and the deregistration-certificate has been submitted to the Cardano network.

As can be read in our earlier posts this is the inefitable conclusion of our journey.

It has been a worthwhile journey and has provided a gratious amout of knowledge. Some of that knowledge can be found in the above blog-posts or some new ones soon. It has been great activly taking part in the Cardano ecosystem but keeping the pool running was sadly not an option without a reasonable prospective of profits (or even covering costs).

Although the pool has been shut-down for now its always a possiblity to ressurect the staking pool when there are new oppertunities or some rules of the eco-system change in favour of small pool operators.

Ofcourse 2Bit will continue to be part of the new and exciting Digital Asset world. Keep an eye on this site as official news source for any future endavours of 2Bit.