Well, there we are. Having an awesome pool but no stake. Or at least by far not enough stake to make it between the big guys.

This is part III from our journey, see the other parts here:

Though decision

When the though decision had to be made we were just a few days before transitioning to Alonzo. The KEV-keys were about to expire and the sky was cloudy. There was no way to get enough stake and the loss of rewards was becomming significant.

We decided to suspend the pool for now.

We are not deregistering the pool yet but we are evaluating what Alonzo does for the ecosystem and if there will be any changes to the leadership calculations. You could say that we’ve reached the first stage of grief: denial.

We’ve redelegated our stakes to other pools and because our pool now has hardly any stake dedicated to it its for all intents and purposes suspended. We’re still maintaining the pool and keeping it running. Maybe some day when there are a lot more people looking for a nice place to stake their Cardano they’ll focus more on decentralization and make running a small staking pool more attractive.

Untill that happens we’ll be slowly transitioning through the other four stages of grief.